O processo Cutter  Soil Mixing consiste na construção de um
painel impermeável in situ, onde o solo é utilizado como material de construção.

Cutter Soil Mixing

The In Situ Soil Mixing technique, also known as Cutter Soil Mixing (CSM), had its technological principle originated in USA, where in 1954 a screw type mixer was used to mix soil and cement. However this technology, as it is presented today, was developed in Sweden and Japan.

The Cutter Soil Mixing(CSM) process consists of the construction (on site) of impermeable panels, with a geometry much similar to a diaphragm wall. The distinct difference between the Cutter Soil Mixing (CSM) System and other applications is that there is no soil removed. This technique has tremendous cost savings in soil handling, and disposal. When working in a contaminated area, the soil is neutralized by the addition of Portland cement or other chemical substances thus saving time and money in transport and treatment at a hazardous treatment facility.



Execution methodology

Imagem: Execução de mistura de solo in situ (csm)