O tratamento de maciços evita rupturas, reduzindo a valores admissíveis as deformações e os recalques do mesmo durante a escavação.

Rock or soil mass treatment for tunnel excavation

The construction of underground works, especially in urban areas, in medium and large cities, has been adopted as a solution to the problems of population density and competition for land use. Brazilian tunnel engineering has had an enormous development over the past 10 years, notably the NATM method (New Austrian Tunneling Method), excavations by biased and shotcrete lining associated with crankshaft and welded wire mesh.

Rock or soil mass treatment is any service that aims to stabilize the soil to prevent disruptions, reduce the allowable values and the deformations of the mass repressions during the excavation or depending on the density of the soft soil and give sealing as the massive, reducing its permeability and the hydrodynamic pressure. There are various methods of soil treatment, however we have directed the work to develop and implement the following ones:

Execution methodology

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