As estacas de grande diâmetro executadas por perfuração a rotação podem atingir profundidades de até 70 metros.

Large diameter bored pile

In the event of high loads on major works that justify the mobilization of equipment, the type of piling currently more suitable is the Large Diameter Pile cast "on site", with mechanical drilling rotation, and also with the possible use of bentonite slurry

The use of this kind of pile has been largely spread because of its easier and speedier implementation, and its adaptability to different terrains as well as its immediate visual material gathering. The large diameter piles performed with drilling can be done near existing buildings, due to its total absence of vibration, and can reach depths of up to 70 meters

It should also be remembered that the large diameter bored piles can be performed in the presence of water depth, which occurs in marine works and bridge constructions. In this case, the mechanical excavation and underwater concreting are preceded by penetration of metal casing, generally with the use of vibratory hammer. The equipment, when required, shall be erected on a floating platform (flat deck barges). The metal liners may be lost or recovered

Stages of excavation in soil methodology

Imagem: Execução de estaca escavada