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CFA Pile

The use of CFA piles existed for several years and its origin was at the United States. Besides the stake execution, the CFA Pile equipment can also be used to:

Since "torque" equipment increased significantly in recent years, it is possible to execute deeper and larger diameter cuttings. It is also possible to drill increasingly resistant soils.

One of the most important features of CFA piles is that it does not produce vibrations. So it is widely used in urban centers and in areas with vibration sensitive equipment.

Instrumentation / Quality control

An important aspect in the CFA Pile implementation is the possibility of monitoring the entire procedure thus ensuring the perfect execution and control of the quality of the pile.

The advent of reliable instrumentation has increased the understanding of the cuttings technical implementation, and thus brought more reliability to the method.

Execution methodology

Imagem: Execução de estaca hélice contínua.