A Brasfond oferece ao mercado técnicas inovadoras de melhoramento de solo, aliadas a um rigoroso controle de qualidade.

Soil improvement

In recent decades, there is an increasing amount of engineering projects taking place on thick layers of soft soil. In these conditions, it is necessary to use methods of soil improvement in order to increase their carrying capacity and to minimize the effects of settlements, causing great differentials to the construction. To this end, Brasfond is constantly worried in offering soil improvement techniques, allied to a rigorous quality control

Vibroflotation (VF)

Granular or slightly cohesive sediments, such as gravels and sands, are generally considered to be ideal foundation soils for carrying high loads.

It is, however, frequently overlooked that in their natural state these types of soil are characterized by an extremely nonuniform state of compaction.

By application of the VF technique it is possible to transform such soil layers quickly and economically into soils with optimal load-bearing characteristics.

Execution methodology
Imagem: Execução vibrocompactação

Vibro stone columns

In cohesive soils the soil particles cannot be rearranged by vibrational impulses as for vibroflotation. A considerable increase in bearing capacity can, however, be achieved in these soils by the vibrodisplacement process.

With this technique, stone columns are constructed with a depth vibrator specially adapted and equipped for this process.

The stone columns have a significantly higher shear strength and stiffness than the surrounding soil. At the same time, the surrounding soil provides lateral support to the stone columns and thus creates a composite load-bearing effect.

Execution Methodology
Imagem: Execução vibrocompactação

Wick Drains

Wick drains are used for low permeability soft clay soils. They enable the rapid elimination of water from the soil, reducing the time it would take for a pre-consolidation and therefore acceleration of the settlement.

The success of a settlement acceleration project done with the use of wick drains depends on a well done analysis - field and laboratory – of the properties of the soil to be improved.

Execution methodology
Imagem: Execução vibrocompactação