A Brasfond é  pioneira no uso de hidrofresa para execução de cut-off de parede diafragma no Brasil.


Slurry wall is a common solution practiced in engineering, whether in civil or hydraulics works. The conventional solution for the slurry wall execution is very limited in its application for excavation in rock. In this case, the solution is traditionally made with the use of trepanation, which has major executive limitations and difficulties. Consequently, it also has a very low production.

As a result, an excavation system was developed, composed of a heavy steel frame to the bottom of which are mounted two gear boxes. This gear boxes, are in turn, composed by two wheels mounted with special bits around it. This tool is known worldwide as "Hydromill", and this is being introduced in Brazil.



Execution methodology

Imagem: Execução de parede diafragma com hidrofresa